• Action of the wind on the wire: Vortex Effect

The wind can affect the operation of the line in different ways. Industrias Arruti can provide solutions to limit the influence of the wind and prolong the useful life of the line.

Wind vibration

Wind vibrations are high frequency and low amplitude oscillations produced by moderately intense winds.

Wind vibration is the leading cause of wire deterioration in areas near the fastening point (separators, clamps, markers) and can also cause damage to clamps and adjacent elements. The deterioration can range from broken wires to the entire conductor snapping. The damage is usually caused by fatigue.

Sub-span oscillation

Sub-span oscillation is another phenomenon caused by the wind. It affects bundle configurations, depending on the number of conductors and how they are arranged.

In order to eliminate the energy induced by the wind on the cable and maintain the distance between conductors, at Industrias Arruti we have chosen to use asymmetrical Stockbridge type dampings with 4 resonances and damping separators.

The Stockbridge damper is the best option, both technically and economically, for controlling vibrations in conductors. The Stockbridge is composed of four elements: a clamp to hold the conductors, a galvanised twisted cable, and two masses of different weights to attenuate the vibration of the conductor when they are excited.

The damper separator is composed of a central body, two arms fastened to the wire and four elastomers that act as the interface between the central body and the arms. The rigidity and composition of the elastomers are such that they are capable of attenuating the vibration of the conductors by deformation.