We are a group of companies that designs, manufactures and sells electricity support, assembly and transmission components. The Arruti Group's extensive catalogue of products includes electrical lines, substations, tools and accessories.

Our reputation is based on years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the sector. Raw materials, services providers, technology and human resources are all factors that have made us leaders in different markets where the demand for excellence drives us to improve constantly.

The international presence of the member companies of the Arruti Group and the quality of our manufacturing, service and know-how, combined with the ability to develop new products, have made us a reference in the sector. Our offices are staffed with experts in a variety of disciplines and a full service laboratory that allows us to guarantee the quality of our products all the way from the origin of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product to the client. We also work with highly renowned independent international laboratories.

Numerous factors have made Arruti Group a leader in the sector where we do business: the demand for excellence in the raw materials we use, which are procured from carefully selected suppliers; our staff members who combine experience and dynamism in perfect equilibrium; our quest for continuous improvement and our respect for the environment. Embracing these values at all levels of the organisation has enabled us to grow into a highly efficient enterprise that is sensitive to the needs of our clients.

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