Our Technical Department undertakes and defines each project based on the client's specifications. Our goal is to use our familiarity with different materials involved to guarantee the most appropriate use of resources and a final product in perfect working order.

Our efficient and highly dedicated Technical Department ensures that all of the products manufactured by Arruti Aleaciones meet our clients' specifications and requirements in their respective sectors.

With our own hardware and software, we are able to undertake and develop different types of projects with a great deal of versatility such as the development and production of prototypes, prototype assemblies (functional groups), moulds, customised machined parts, etc. We guarantee the high quality of all finished products.

We also have experience developing the tools needed to obtain these parts. Starting with 2D or 3D plans or in some cases nothing more than the customer's guidelines, we can manufacture plate or shell moulds for sand and shell (gravity) moulding and core markers for chilled casting.

In addition to projects that start from scratch, we can also modify or adapt existing designs and repair/modify parts, moulds or tools already in production.